About Thumbtics

Thumbtics.com is an analysis service specializing in mobile webites. We collect the touch data of users visiting the mobile web and provide various analysis data. Some major information we provide includes the reading pattern of users, stay time per section and reading flow (patented). Even now continuously update our service for improvement and better performance. Thumbtics.com is made of passionate software engineers, and strive every day for stable service.Product Introduction


Thumbtics.com abide by and respect privacy policies. Protecting private information is our top priority. Access to the database is limited to a minimum number. Except for very few cases, access is prohibited by the source. We provide data only for statistical processing purposes, which makes it impossible to identify specific users.


Data analysis for the previous day can be found on Thumbtics.com every morning, 6 AM


Free for individuals. But if you need more professional analysis report contact us!



We love Big data, Data mining, Statistics