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What is it?

Do you want to know how users behave on mobile web pages? Thumtics is a system for collecting and analyzing touch data. Simply insert the tracking code into the page you want to analyze and you're done. It collects customer's touch data in real time, and Thumbtics conducts daily analysis on its own. The collected data can be extracted as CSV, SQL file, etc., and you can make your own analysis report. Start collecting now!

Thumbtics vs Eye tracking

Eye tracking experiment is fantastic but it takes a huge cost and effort. However, using Thumtics, you can collect the data much easier and at a much lower cost. In addition, the touch data of the Thumtics can check the frequency of contents exposure in seconds, so the data can be trusted. And since the Thumtics collects all the data, it is statistically more accurate than the eye tracking experiment.


Reading Pattern

Were contents thoroughly read? By how many users?

With 30 different reading pattern distributions, find out responses of 'real' readers that PV(page views) and traffic cannot tell

Scroll Pattern

Was your story interesting enough?

Find out readers' scroll patterns to learn their reading flows and gain insight on how to lay out your contents


What was the most interesting part?

Check sections of most preferred contents and strategize your contents production

Left vs Right

Where should you put your main buttons?

Find out the proportion of left handed/right handed mobile visitors and the proportion of left and right usage


Is your current UI user-friendly?

Red parts indicate frequent touches. Blue parts indicate less frequent touches

Exit Point

Why do mobile users leave so early?

Learn exited visitors count per page section. See for yourself what turned your users away


Statistics at a glance!

Check different statistics including, first-time & returning visitor count, stay time, country, bounce, exit and convergence count


Compare with pages

Users Flow

How do your users navigate?

Find out how users move from page to page


Support all kinds of devices

We provide statistics specialized for not only PC but different mobile devices.

User types

Who clicks on ads?

Target your users by content through comparison of each user type

Publisher/Page Ranknew

Recognize clickbait articles

Receive precise evaluation reports through evaluations of writers and page.


How to Setup

1. Copy the tracking code at Page > Tracking Code menu, and paste it into the page you want to analyze.

2. Click the "Register New Page" button at the Management Page menu, and enter the URL information of the webite or page.

3. Find out the analysis data the next day!


Where it is used


The product detail page is linked directly to sales. Customers do not give much feedback. Secure unhidable customer responses yourself with Thumbtics


Wondering which of the numerous pics attracted the most attention? Postings require reviews as well. Find out how we analyzed this now

Web commics

We read the subtlest of customer psychology by reading their fingertip motions.